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How to Add Sound to PowerPoint?

When you create a new PowerPoint presentation, would you like to add sound to PPT to make it more perfect? As we know, the good background music is great decoration to a PowerPoint file. If you want to design a nice PowerPoint, you must know how to set background music for this PowerPoint. This page will show you how to add sound to PowerPoint step by step. Just follow it and learn the way.

Tips: For make your presentation more vivid, you can considering converting PowerPoint to Flash with PowerPoint to Flash Converter if condition permits.

Guide: How to Add and Play Background Music in PowerPoint

Step 1: Import Sound
To add sound into PPT, you can simply click Insert > Movies and Sounds > Sound From File and select the target music file. When you click OK button, PowerPoint may ask you whether you want the sound to play automatically or on mouse-click. If you choose mouse click, you will need to click the icon during the presentation to start it playing.

Tips: You can also play music from a CD or add narration to your presentation as you need.

insert music to powerpoint

Tips: If you need to convert PDF to PowerPoint, please see the PDF to PowerPoint.

Step 2: Settings
After inserting a sound, you will see the image that represents the sound file appears. To keep the sound playing until you stop it, or to play it for the duration of the presentation, you need to choose the stop options in the Custom Animation task pane by right-clicking the image. If you do not choose when you want a sound to stop, it stops the next time that you click the slide.

By default, .wav sound files that are greater than 100 kilobytes (KB) in size are automatically linked to your presentation, rather than embedded in it. You can increase the size limit for embedded .wav files to be a maximum size of 500 KB if you need.

audio file size setting

Tips: Only .wav (waveform audio data) sound files can be embedded - all other media files types are linked.

Step 3: Play Sound
When all the settings done, don't forget to save your PowerPoint presentation. Then re-open and display it, you can view the PPT with background music.

Done! Now you have known how to insert sound to PowerPoint. Why not prepare your music files and try it by yourself right now? Hope help!